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Who am I kidding? I never went to Castleton!

Today I took a bus, walked up a hill for an hour, and visited a castle. It was a small castle, and only about 200 years old, but one can one really expect in New Zealand? I probably would have spend more time there, but just a few minutes after I arrived, the grounds were suddenly overrun by two busloads of school children. The were running everywhere and screaming and throwing snowballs and just generally being what we in the business (this, apparently, being the backpacker biz) like to call "irritating". So I did my little tour and wandered the grounds, deftly avoiding errant snow flung my way, and then walked back down the hill.

Yesterday, my 25th birthday, I did not leave the hostel. There was a good reason for that, and that reason was tequila. Went out with a few people the night before. And that's enough said about that.

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