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Ferg loves you.

I rode a horse today! Through beautiful beautiful scenery. In a valley where Isengard used to be. This was in Glenorchy, about an hour outside of Queenstown. It was a gorgeous day, and I think I chose an excellent way to celebrate it. My horse's name was . . . Kishan? Something like that. He was very sweet, and I got to trot for awhile. The woman who picked up the group from the town told us stories about her stint as a Rider of Rohan in The Return of the King, and some of the horses on the ride were in the movie as well. Way cool.

Yesterday, I went out for "one beer" to celebrate with a French girl from the hostel that she successfully jumped out of an airplane. I came back six hours later after hanging out with her and with English Chris of Blenheim, American Eric of Blenheim, the two Irish girls of Hokitika and a couple of people who were friends of those previously mentioned. It's so cool to go out and run into people I know, totally by chance. Had quite a good time.

Lunch today was a "Fergburger with Cheese". I could tell right away that Fergburger is an establishment to which, if I lived in Queenstown, all of my visitors would be dragged. It's an open-air hamburger stand in an alcove in an alley. And it's cool. You'll just have to believe me.

Bed now. Tomorrow I may climb a hill.

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