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It is cold. There is snow.

A few days ago I got lost in a maze in Wanaka. I could not find the green tower. Or, for that matter, the exit. So I cheated and used one of the emergency gates. I still feel dirty.

I am going to be purchasing my ticket from LA to Baltimore today. Just as soon as I decide whether I want to spend an extra three hours in LAX or in Las Vegas. Either way, I arrive at BWI at the same inconvenient time of 6:27 Sunday morning. I'm leaning toward more time in Vegas, not because I am gamblin' fool, but because the alternative allows only 40 minutes between connecting flights, and I always worry that the first part of the journey will be late. I think three and a half hours leeway would essentially eliminate that worry.

Oh, and I have now officially lost something. I left my NeighborCare jacket and my New Zealand hat on the bus. And they are gone forever now. Alas.


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