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ToDAY was my last DAY of work!
ToDAY was my LAST day of WORK!

Hm. Today was my last day as a vineyard worker. Tonight, to celebrate this . . . and a few other people's final days . . . and the fact that it's Friday . . . and the fact that there's nothing else to do in this town- we're going to drink. This weekend I organize my crap and my plans, Monday I pack, Tuesday I leave town. Whew. Gonna go walk the Queen Charlotte Track. That's first on the agenda. Afterwards, I will head down the coast toward Christchurch, possibly stopping in Kaikoura to see if there are any whales to watch. Gonna hang with Kathleen in Christchurch for a few days, and then . . . who knows? There are a few options from that point.

As long as I get to Auckland for my flight on 9 October, everything will be sweet. ("Sweet as", in kiwi.)

I got an email from TJ. Rock the hell on.

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