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I'm alive! I've moved! I now live in a 12-bed room in a crowded little hostel in Blenheim. I have a job in a vineyard. I also have very little time left on this computer with a sticky spacebar.

I'm having fun so far. But then, I've only worked one day and the novelty has yet to wear off. I've been assured that this will soon change, and I will grow to loathe working just as much as the rest of the residents do. I hope they are wrong. At the moment, it's quite pleasant working in the sunshine among the vines with the green hills in the distance.

Last night I went to the local Irish pub with a bunch of people from the hostel and watched the All Blacks beat up England for the second time in as many weeks. Yes, I went to a bar to watch rugby. This was particularly enjoyable because several of the people staying here are English, and there was teasing and the exchanging of dirty looks.

There is one other American staying here, and he and I have had several conversations now about the absence of mexican food and Cracker Barrel in this country. I'm fairly certain that the others think we're both nuts.
But, man. Chicken 'n Dumplings.

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