Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


I haven't watched Enterprise since the middle of the first season, but apparently Bugs Bunny is going to swoop in to help the crew stop Marvin the Martian from using his something-or-other Space Modulator to blow up the Earth. Or maybe not. I get a little confused sometimes when talking to my family on the phone.

I turned in some film a couple of days ago, and apparently told the woman that I wanted 2 sets when I meant to specify that I had 2 rolls to be developed. So now I have doubles. Some of the pictures I will give to Kathleen, as they are from excursions that we took together, but what am I going to do with an extra photo of a llama with funny hair? Or the gelato place in Nelson? And I know I don't need two copies of the blurry picture of the tiny apple. Ah well. It's my own fault. And I do have a couple of really cool photos in there.

Time, it flies. It's the end of May.
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