Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Even artichokes have hearts.

I wrote a poem. Here it is:

A Poem by Joanna
Goodbye apples,
Goodbye pears.
No more packing.
No more cares.


OK, I'm finished for a little while. Turns out that I may be hanging in Mot' for a bit longer, a'cause there will be two more weeks of work at Kathleen's place of employment (starting two weeks from now) and she'd like to earn herself that money. So I'm going to be relaxin' for two weeks, then joining Kathleen at the other packing shed. The second of those weeks off, Kat and I are hoping to do some tramping in the Abel Tasman National Park. ("Tramp", for the uninformed, being Kiwi for "Hike", and not in any way related to the "Lady is a . . . " variety- or, for that matter, to the "Lady & the . . . " variety.)


Thursday was a Homesick Day. I got back from work and went to pick up a schedule from the Gecko, the little independant theatre with coffee and couches and pillows, on the assumption that a movie might make me feel better. I got there and discovered (gasp!) that Amelie was going to be starting in 45 minutes! So I ran home to shower the packhouse off me, and then headed back to the Gecko, finding Kathleen and Eva and Alvin on the street, and took them along with me. I was right- it did help. Mm. Good movie.

Tomorrow, I sleep in. Then, roller disco.

Erica, when you get the time to fulfill my icon requests, could you also put one of the Gambit ones in there? I think the one where he was throwing the cards at the screen . . . but if there's a cooler one that I've forgotten, just toss it on in. Thanks!

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