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Good times, noodle salad. Only without the noodle salad.

Mmm. Goood weekend.

Thursday I went to see American Splendor at this cool little theatre in town- the Gecko, with couches and pillows and footrests and such. I quite liked the movie, but Robbie was bored by it, and Kathleen decided at the last minute not to come, so I don't know whether or not to recommend it.

Friday I had no work, so I took a long bike ride and a long walk and enjoyed the nice not-to-cool weather. That night the entire Back to the Future trilogy was on TV, and Kathleen, Eva and I stayed up until 1am watching them all. Whee!

Saturday I had to work, but it was OK. I like getting paid, so I won't complain. Kathleen and I got feta & falafel kebabs for dinner, and then a bunch of us (Me, Kathleen, Robbie, Susan, Eva) went out for drinks and stayed up late and had a good time. We befriended a British paleontologist who was only in town for the night and we made a big mess on the table with lemon rinds and salt and pepper and waxy fingerprints. Yeah, it was an interesting evening.

Sunday we all, with the addition of Brad and naturally not Paleontologist Boy, went to the Mapua Easter Fair, where I bought a pretty pretty sweater, a colorful and inexpensive thermal top, and some lavender soap. We then spent the afternoon lounging on the grass in front of the stage, enjoying the sun and the bands. Afterwards, Susan and Kathleen and I went out for pizza. We had to bid farewell to Susan, as she's moving on, soon to go home to Ireland. Then Kathleen and I watched A Knight's Tale on TV, after which I stayed up for Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Today I slept late, then called home and got to talk to the family, as well as Lynn for about a minute and TJ for a bit longer. Then Robbie showed up and took me off for an unplanned kayaking excursion. We spent a few hours out on the water, and it was a fabulous day for it. Beautiful and sunny and not too many people out. It's good to have friends, especially friends with jobs that allow them to use their equipment on days off.

It'll be back to work tomorrow. Holiday over, alas. I'm thinking that dinner will be early today, as I essentially missed lunch for the sake of kayaking. I'm thinking pasta.

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