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Midnight really ain't the middle of the night. It's either to the left or a little bit to the right.

I got my hair cut!

Hell, I got 'em all cut!

And it cost me a mere $15 at "The $10 Haircut Bar". That's the name of the place, honestly. The actual $10 haircut is only if you get less than 2 inches removed and they cut it while it's dry, so I guess $15 for a substantial cut following a shampoo and conditioning is pretty good. And, boy oh boy, that guy washed my hair good. It was like a scalp massage got tossed into the package for free. Nice.

The hair's not as short as I'd truly like it to be, but it's up above my shoulders for the first time in . . . a long long time . . . and that's makin' me happy. I needed to keep it sorta long, because I tie it back in order to wear the horrible hairnethat that is required for working at the packing shed.

Yes, the whole entry is about my hair instead of about interesting things like my fun times with my parents. Heh. Life's funny that way.

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