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Happy 10 (and a half).

1)I have a new computer. My daddy found a way to hook it up to the cable modem.

1.5)I got the new expansion pack for The Sims ("Hot Date"). Far too much fun.

2)I saw the Harry Potter movie. It was great. I am going to see it again. Soon.

3)Thanksgiving approaches fast. I love Thanksgiving.

4)I'm listening to "Mexican Radio". I like that song.

5)I got the overcoat that goes with my uniform today, which means that I will no longer be cold when I leave for work at 4:00 am.

6)Harry Potter. All of it. Even Snape makes me happy.

7)I'm going out for coffee with Dave tonight.

8)Pecan pie. I'm going to go make one in a few minutes.

9)Harry Potter.

10)I'm now listening to the Monkees. I like the Monkees. I once saw Davey Jones. (When I say once, I mean about a year and a half ago.)

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