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The Reverend Green will be glad to see you when you haven't got a prayer.

I am sitting in the internet place and not wearing shoes. There is a hole in the heel of my right white sock. I am not cool.

My parents are on their way to New Zealand. Tomorrow I see them!

Susan made roasted vegetables with pesto couscous for dinner tonight and shared with me and Kathleen. Yummo.

I will not be packing any apples for more than two weeks!

I moved out of crazyMaureen's house this afternoon. When I get back to Mot at the beginning of April, I will be living approximately 5 feet above where I currently sit.

I had a little daydream earlier in which Erica quit her job in a fit of frustration, bought a plane ticket to New Zealand, and secretly accompanied my parents here. That was fun.

The radio station that we get to listen to in the packhouse always plays "Mandy" at least once a day. Also "Walking in Memphis". And "I Love the Nightlife". And that song by Robbie Williams that I hate. Today they also played "If I Could Turn Back Time" by Cher . . . twice in half an hour. It was odd. My thought was "Oh no! She actually did turn back time! And I was hoping I'd get to leave work soon!"

Tonight we drink hot port. Tomorrow I see my parents in Auckland! Whee!

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