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Egad. I just spent over an hour reading friends page and email. I really need to make it a point to get to this internet cafe more than once a week. It's $6 an hour here, so this session is gonna be damn expensive.

So I'll make this quick- especially since I'm supposed to be meeting someone for lunch today, and I'm really hungry.

I'm packing apples six days a week! And getting paid! I love money.

I have a place to live that is not a tent and it's a five minute bike ride from work!

I have friends!

My parents are coming in less than three weeks!

That's the important stuff. Hopefully sometime in the next few days I'll come back this way and do it all better.

Sorry I haven't done any commenting on things that deserve comments. You can blame laziness or hunger or a limited financial reserve.

Later, yo.

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