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I'm in Mo-tu-e-ka.

That was all sing-songy, although you can't really tell.

I have a jo-ob!

Well, yesterday I made some calls and went to a place to talk to a guy who told me that I can start Thursday morning. Just that easy. I'll be PACKING fruit, instead of PICKING, which means that I will be inside and it will be less physical labor, but it's a jo-ob and I'll have mon-ey! Whoop.

But I rather think that I would like to have a bike to get to and from the place, as it's a pretty long walk from the hostel where I'm staying. (And even farther from the other places I could stay.) I'm also wondering if I ought to buy that tent that's on sale for $70, because that would certainly save me money on accomodation in the long run. So much to think about . . .

And all day today and tomorrow to think about them, because there's really not much else to do in Motueka. It's a small place.

This morning was cool and rainy, so I stuck around the hostel until about 2:00. I played a 45-minute game of "Crazy 8s Countdown" with a Canadian guy who's also staying there and looking for work. Also watched the movie Hart's War, after which I couldn't bear to sit still any longer, and walked into town. Luckily, it had stopped raining by that time, and now it is much warmer and there's blue sky. Aaahhhh. Nice.

I think someone took my chocolate bar. But that's my own fault for leaving it sitting in the kitchen instead of in my bag or in my room. Still, I wish I had my chocolate bar.

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