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About trading in his chevy for a cadillac ac ac ac ac ac

Previous Entry trading in his chevy for a cadillac ac ac ac ac ac Feb. 12th, 2004 @ 12:20 pm Next Entry
So who wants to meet me in Fiji? It seems that there's a travel company here that's offering airfare and 7 nights accomodation in Fiji for $499. To that I say, "Sign me up!"

Except not really. Not right now, anyway.

I bought ferry/bus tickets the other day. I'm traveling on Saturday (Valentine's Day) down to Motueka, a little place outside the Abel Tasman National Park- at the North of the South Island. I'm hoping to get work there for about a month before going to meet my parents in Auckland. I started fretting yesterday- "What if I get there and everyone just laughs when I ask about work because they filled all the positions a week ago? Or there's work, but I can't get to it because the only available accomodation is too far to walk?" All kinds of things like that. But then I decided that even if it happens that way, at least I'll be out and on the move again. And I can't really know until I get down there and find out first hand. It just won't do to get discouraged and give up before I even leave. My problem, I know, is that I get comfortable and thus worry about change. So here I shall take a stand. By . . . not standing still. I will go to Motueka and try to get work. If there isn't any there for me, I will go to the beach. Then I will work out where next to try. That's all I can really do.

Hmm. So tomorrow I'll send out that mass email update that Mom's been telling me to write. (Hi mom!) And I'll call to stop my mail forwarding. I'll also pack all my stuff together again. Urg. I've really spread out well in that bedroom over the last two months. This will not be fun. But Veronika has said that I can leave some things there, at least until I come through Wellington with the parents, so that will be helpful. I won't be needing things like professional shoes or large photo albums or books I've finished reading, and it'll be much easier if I don't have to carry them all with me.

OK. Now I'm going to go raid the visitor's center for brochures. Whee!
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Date:February 12th, 2004 08:20 am (UTC)
send me a mermaid from Fiji!!

or send me a dried monkey head connected to a fish tail. :)

(that was Fiji, right?)
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