Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Icon? More like ican't!

I am sad because the icon I want of the daffodils and the wonderful is already in existence but is not mine. I saw Ro's first, but Dani's is really the right one. "Right", in this case, meaning "as I imagined".

OK, not really sad. Not much, anyway. Just a little. Besides, I do have lots of other icons that Erica loaded onto my account for me. (It's tough not having my photo manipulation programs and, well, my computer available to me.)

Most amusing of my new icons (most of which I did not request, but all of which I did make some time ago), is the fact that Erica named one of them "hunkahunka". I laugh.

I think I'll be getting paid soon for the work I've been doing with envelope stuffing and such chores. One more day of it, supposedly, and then I'll be again unemployed. Until, you know, I get off my butt and head south. Whee.

Had a dream last night about an elevator. It had lots and lots of buttons, with the numbers all out of order. I had to get to floor 10A, and I knew that in order to get there, I first had to get to floor 10, and then hit another button at exactly the right moment. But it wouldn't work. No matter which button I pushed, the elevator wouldn't stop. It went up. And down. And up. And down. Really fast. Eventually it did stop at the ground floor, and I got off as quickly as I could. Another person was waiting and went to get on the elevator and I thought "I should warn him that it's not working properly." But I didn't say anything, deciding that he could figure it out for himself. I'm not a terribly kind dreamperson.

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