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Tell all my friends I will write them soon.

Last night I had a dream about Val and his identical twin named Allison. They both had dredlocks. And wry smiles. I encountered them unexpectedly on the street, and was surprised by the existence of Allison. The end.

It's a long weekend starting tomorrow. I don't know what I'm going to do. Hopefully the weather will be nice and I can go for a long long walk one day. Or maybe find a beach on which to read and be lazy. That sounds nice.

In terms of the recent job interview thingy- I think it would be exciting to be involved in the opening of a brand new restaraunt. And the guy was really cool and he seemed to like me- said things about having me in next week to meet his business partner and possibly going down to see the building site, which will be completed in two weeks. And it would be nice to have a steady paycheck and a set of coworkers and a sense of responsibility.


I'm still thinking that I ought to get out of Wellington for awhile. It's still summer and I'm feeling a desire to be out and about- moving again instead of spending my evenings reading in a rented bedroom in a suburban home. Working myself to exhaustion with physical labor, then spending my evenings in a hostel with other people near my age- not having to worry about dressing nicely or dealing with customers- these sound quite alluring at the moment. I think maybe I should run with that. It's not the kind of decision I will be able to make at any other time of my life. Once I get back to the States, if I'm given the choice between a steady real job and casual employment with no chance of benefits or advancement or permanence, there will be no question which I would choose. A girl's got to eat. So this is essentially my one opportunity to do something different and counterintuitive. I mean, why else did I come to New Zealand, if not gain experience and to try new things? And, apparently, "gaining experience" sometimes means "picking apples".

Why is this something I want to do? It doesn't sound like me. And yet I'm really wanting it. Well, we'll see.

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