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This (wo)man does NOT wear a watch!

My watch battery died over the weekend, so today I came to work with nothing on my wrist. It's so WEIRD! I suppose that the fact that it bothers me so much is a sign that I am too watch-dependant and ought to wean myself away, but . . . it's just so WEIRD! I have to, like, look at clocks on the walls or the bottom of the computer screen if I want to know what time it is! It's a real trial.

I wonder if there is a difference in watch batteries between the States and New Zealand . . . I'd hate not to be able to get it running again. I think that some research is in order.

I'm sure that I had something else that I intended to post here. Probably something about the fact that it's a rainy and chilly day and the train was half an hour late this morning. Or maybe something about how there are going to be people removing the plaster from the ceiling on the main floor over the next few days, so that all my time in the house during that period will have to be isolated in the basement (which, luckily, has a door that I can use to get in). Or about how I don't want to get back while the people are still working, so I'm thinking about going to see The Return of the King again after work. Or maybe it was none of those things. Who could say?

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