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I can speak whale!

I watched Finding Nemo a couple of nights ago. It made me happy. It also made me want to take the little turtle kid home with me and keep him forever. He was JUST THAT CUTE. I wonder if Disney made a plush toy of the little turtle boy . . . aw, the online Disney Store says no. Poor Squirt.

I've been having a little too much fun lately putting together an wish list. I'm sure that there are better (meaning "more productive") ways to spend my time, but it's just so engrossing!

Today has been, for the most part, a rainy yuck day. I did get out for slightly less than an hour to take a walk after dinner, but that was essentially the only dry part of the day. I hope it's nicer tomorrow, since I've got to go to work. And I don't have an umbrella.

Gah. I've done nothing interesting in the past few days. There is no reason for me to be updating this. Sorry for the pointlessness.

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