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I resemble only half the things I say I don't. The other half resemble me.

There is a gorilla standing on top of the bookshelf. He is small, as gorillas go- from here I would estimate his height to be about eight inches. He has a white mohawk and wears a yellow vest and yellow shoes and a pair of yellow sunglasses. He holds a red guitar. I have a nagging suspicion that, were I to examine him, I would find a switch that, when moved to the "on" position, would cause him to dance. I will under no circumstances be seeking out that switch.

It is Friday- my fourth day working in this office, and the halfway point of the assignment. Very little has happened while I've been here. Most of the office denizens are on holiday, the phone rings at maximum once an hour. This is not a high-intensity job.

. . . And, of course, as soon as I type that, a stressed out person comes to the desk and takes out his frustration on me. (And, naturally, the least polite person that I encounter while I'm here would be an American.) We got him sorted out with very little difficulty and it wasn't a serious problem at all, but still.

Ah well. One more hour here, then I take the train then walk up the hill and go back to the house to make (and eat) a good dinner and watch a DVD from Blockbuster. Should be a pleasant evening.

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