Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

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poetry left on my AIM while I was away

"[Erica's screen name]: You're not there
And so I say
That I'll see you
Another day
Or maybe later
This same one
And we shall talk
And have some fun
Unless you think
That it'd be cool
To fill my ears
With dragon drool
Or maybe stomp
On all my toes
And put an M-80
Up my nose
In which case I
Shall be real sad
And even be
A little mad
Because well
That's just not neat-
I wish I had
Auto response from [Joanna's screen name]: How fleeting are all human passions compared to the massive continuity of ducks!
[Erica's screen name]: Some stuff to eat.
[Erica's screen name]: Damn enter key.
[Erica's screen name]: Anyway.
[Erica's screen name]: Bye now."

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