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Why is it that I update more often when I have a job?

I think that, on the "special skills" section of my resume, I should include something about how I am able to teach other members of the staff how to customize their computer desktop backgrounds and their screensavers. Because I seem to do that fairly frequently.

"Now right click on the screen- no, right click. Just anywhere. Yes . . . now hit preview and see if you like that one, but don't move the mouse or you'll lose- see, you moved the mouse . . . ok, now we're going to check out google image search to find that picture for you- well, first you need to log on to the internet . . . "

You get the idea. It's funny to me because one of the first things I do when I have a computer for my own use is to personalize the various settings. Background, screensaver, menu bar color, mouse pointer- all of that and more has been altered on this machine, and I'm only here for two weeks. Is that strange?

Yeah, it probably is.

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