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if you must wear fox to the opera, dame fashion says "dye it"

Hey, guess what!

No, not "chicken butt." Honestly.

I'm at work! Yes, really! I've got two weeks instead of a month- at the office where Chris-my-host works- but it's work! For which I will get paid!

Of course, "work" is a relative term. I'm not actually doing very much. It's a receptionist position in an office where the phone rings extremely rarely. (Is this sounding familiar to anyone? Because I'm having this strange sense of deja vu . . . ) Yesterday was my first day and they had some mailings for me to take care of, but I finished that before lunch. So yesterday afternoon and so far today I have done . . . not much at all. Answered the phone a few times, played some minesweeper, tried to find myself a GoogleWhack. ("colonel fewmet" worked.) And I'm going to get paid for this. Unreal. There's no way I'm going to complain.

Except about this keyboard. It's one of those split ones, and it's getting on my nerves because I habitually use the wrong fingers for keys like "y" and "b", and so I keep messing up. But I suppose that if that's my biggest concern, I'm doing OK.

And I'm going to get paid!

Thank you to all for the love (even the Courtney variety). I should make demands like that more often. Because, after all, it's love that makes the world go 'round. Or so I hear.

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