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kitten kitten kitten kitten kitten . . .

If nitrogen was tiny spiders you'd be really unhappy until you died.

My parents are coming to New Zealand at the end of March! Hooray for family! Even family that isn't arriving for more than two months!

I had a job interview today for a part-time position at a clothing store in a shopping centre down the street. I should find out some time next week whether I did well. If I do get the job, I will need to wear clothes from that store, which means shopping! With a serious discount! Here's hoping.

I am also currently waiting to hear from Lorraine, the boss of Chris-my-host. The receptionist at their office is moving to a new job on Friday, and they may-or-may-not need to hire someone for an interim term of about a month while they look for a permanent replacement. Lorraine has essentially told me that I will be able to do this for them unless one of the applications she has received in the past few days turns out to be a fantastic person who can start immediately. Which means that I will probably have a temporary thing as of next week . . . fingers crossed. It'll be 20 hours a week, in Wellington central. I don't know exactly what the pay rate will be, but it's bound to be more than the $0/hr I'm currently earning.

In the middle of next week the host family will be leaving for their summer holiday. This means that I will have the house to myself for a week and a half. A whole house! For me! I'm excited about this. I guarantee that I will be buying frozen pizzas and renting movies from Blockbuster and . . . ooh! Drinking soda! It's life's little pleasures that can really bring a smile to my face sometimes.

Hmm . . . Chris and Veronika have lately been thinking that it would be a good idea for them to get a pet to teach their children about responsibility, and not being afraid of animals. They are currently afraid of most animals, it seems. Their original thought was bunny, but now they seem to be leaning kitten-wards, and I am all about this. Perhaps if I concentrate very hard on the word "kitten" and start unobtrusively using phrases like "the cat's pyjamas" and "the cat's meow" and "the cat's out of the bag", it will subconsciously influence them.

Is it possible to say "the cat's pyjamas" unobtrusively?

kitten kitten kitten kitten kitten kitten . . .

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