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And now there is no sound, for we all live underground

So I was wondering to myself recently, "How many movies have featured both Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant?" I was wondering this because I could think of three movies off the top of my head (all of which I have seen) with both of these actors, and was wondering if maybe there was some hidden team thing going on. A quick IMDB search soon revealed that the three movies I have seen (for the record, </i>Sense & Sensibility, Love Actually, </i>and An Awfully Big Adventure) were in fact the extent of the films in which both had featured, but I nonetheless had myself a good time imagining them as the next Martin and Lewis, or Astaire and Rogers. Or starring in a buddy cop film. (Rickman. Grant. They're cops . . . on the edge!)

Yes, this is the kind of thing on which I waste mind-power. Don't ask my why.

I've had several present-y kind of days in the past week, and it has brought me great joy, thanks to my Mommy and Daddy and sister and Laura and Rohini and Mariah and Laura again. Whee! Earrings and toys and books and CDs and Alice in Wonderland joy and an autogaphed TomAndOli photo and origami supplies . . . and more! It's nice to be loved.

Today (and yesterday and the day before) is hot and sunny. So strange, in January, but really quite nice. I'm rather sunburned, because it's so hard to stay inside when they weather is so inviting. And even though I do wear sunblock (and reapply during the day) the fact remains that there is a hole in the ozone layer, and it's right above my head. UV for me! Whee!

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