Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

What really happened . . . ?

I am now going to tell you a short story that I should have told you TWO MONTHS ago. And, indeed, the only reason I post it here now is so that I will remember it in the future. And because I know that Erica, at least, will appreciate the humor.

About two months ago, I was preparing to leave for my month-long camping trip. I had all my stuff packed and was set to leave the next morning. As was the custom, a bunch of people were sitting in the hostel TV lounge, watching any old movie that came on the movie channel. I joined them. The movie that came on . . . Deliverance. I watched the whole thing, even though I had seen it before and knew that it was not the best movie to be watching just before embarking on a wilderness adventure. Just a coincidence, though. Right? I don't know . . . because the next morning, as I walked down the street to the place where I was supposed to meet the bus, I had to pass by a music store. The doors were open and the music inside was playing loud enough for anyone on the sidewalk to hear it clearly. The song that was playing as I walked by . . . "Dueling Banjos". I kid you not.

Then I went camping. And no one got assaulted or killed. At least, that's the tale I tell.

(So far, only one person to whom I have told this story has understood the point of it. I'm counting on Erica here, to double that.)

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