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there's a dragon in the kitchen- that's why the ceiling's black . . . - Have Fedora, Will Travel

About there's a dragon in the kitchen- that's why the ceiling's black . . .

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My New Year's plans are big. They are huge! They are . . . me and a couple of videos and a couch. I have been invited to go along with my hosts to the party that they will be attending, but I've decided that I'd rather stay at the house. I won't know anyone else there- it's going to be six sets of married couple with children- and I think that a quiet night alone sounds more appealing. I'll get a couple of cheesy romantic comedies and heat up a frozen pizza and have myself a grand old time.

Christmas turned out very nicely. I actually got presents! A giant Cadbury's chocolate bar from the kids and a nice photo album from the adults. The gifts I gave were received well- each of the kids got a Santa hat as well as a tiny battery-powered car for Ben (the 7-year-old), a self-propelled hotwheels-type car for Johannes (the 4-year-old), and a bubble-blowing kit for Anna (the 3-year-old). I gave Veronika and Chris some wineglass charms and a fancy corkscrew. Chris's mother and his sister and her fiance came for present-opening and dinner, and everyone had a good time and a whole lot of food. And plenty of wine. It wasn't a Christmas at home, but it was a real Christmas, and I'm glad of that. It was really good of them to share it with me, and I appreciate it immensely.

I talked on the phone to my family both Christmas Day and Boxing Day- but the connection each time was fairly awful. We're talking major delay. Apparently that usually happens during holidays, because everyone is using the international circuits. Bah.

Today I have caught the bus into Wellington. I have no real agenda for being here, I just wanted to get away from the house for a bit. And I have.
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