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I don't know you from Adam's off ox.

Okay. I'm going to see The Return of the King. At the Embassy Theatre. Sitting in one of the big comfy leather seats . . . the day after tomorrow.

That's actually sooner than I expected to be able to go, so that's pretty exciting for me. Sure, it's not opening day, but it's pretty close, and I'm not complaining. I just have to get up and around and into the city before 9:15am. Which I can do. And shall.


Last weekend I got myself a Blockbuster Card, and yesterday I walked down and rented It's a Wonderful Life. I have since learned that my hosts have not seen this movie, so I feel that an American Christmas Tradition lesson is in order. Meaning, really, that I'll ask if they want to watch it along with me.

This ends the entry about movies. Tune in next time, when . . . I'll still be talking about movies.

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