Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

shark? ghost of a shark? i can't tell.

Back to the temp agency today. Yesterday was testing- typing, computer skills, data entry, grammar, spelling- and watching a boring office safety video. Twice. (The fire alarm went off when I was in the middle of watching the video, and they had to evacuate the building. Turned out that the cleaners had accidentally set off the alarm, so we all got to go back inside, but then I had to watch the whole thing from the beginning again. What fun.) I rocked Microsoft Word, typed so fast there was smoke coming from the keyboard, proved myself competent at Excel . . . so today I get to go back and have an actual interview. The guy that I talked to yesterday after my results had come through seemed to think that he would have an assignment for me pretty soon after I had finished up the interview/paperwork process. Here's hoping.

Things I need to buy, perhaps this afternoon:
- black jacket
- messenger bag (something bigger than my purse but more professional than my backpack)
- umbrella

It's a grey day in Wellington today. As I have to walk up a long hill after my time in the city- from the train station to the house where I am staying- I hope that it does not turn into a rainy day.

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