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You'll miss my hoo-hah . . . my blind driving . . . my hoo-hah.

It's weird not having Erica around. Partially because one tends to get used to the people with whom one has spent the most time over the past 22 years, but also because it means that I need to save up stupid observations that would previously have been made on the spot and immediately forgotten. For example, if she had been there as I was walking down the street yesterday, I could have pointed and said, "So, a bank in a former International House of Pancakes is strange, but a Toyota showroom in a former Pizza Hut is even stranger."

And then at some point she probably would have sung the little "Pa-a-a-a-ncaaaaakes" Gregorian chant, because it makes me laugh, after which we both could have participated in the eggnog observation. ("I want to get a little bit drunk . . . but I also want pancakes!")

Instead, I had to keep that all in my head for nearly 24 hours so that I could share it with you in a journal entry that very probably makes no sense to the majority of people reading it. Life is odd for me at the moment.

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