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Greetings from Middle Earth!

Wellington is humming. Tomorrow is the day. Everyone knows it. The front page of the newspaper is Peter Jackson. Every conversation that you hear on the street is about the same thing. Every shop window features Gollum or a hobbit or Arwen or Aragorn son of Arathorn. There's a ringwraith on top of the theatre and there's a cave troll attacking people on the square. There are ents and elves wandering the streets.

And me. Tomorrow I will be roaming (or elbowing my way through) the streets of Wellington. I will be trying to get a decent view of the parade through the center of the city. I may be able to see the free outdoor viewing of The Two Towers, but I'm not really counting on getting close enough. I will certainly be sighing as I glance toward the crowds surrounding the Embassy theatre, wishing that I could get through them and through the doors and mingle with those who will be able to attend the main event. What a great time to be in this town.

You wish you were here with me, don't you? I do. It would be so much fun if I had some friends here with whom to wander around and geek out and camp out parade spots. Ah well. I'll just have to enjoy myself without you.

(I wish I'd thought to re-upload my Legolas Christmas icon. This would be the perfect opportunity to dust it off.)

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