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Thanksgiving Day has always been a pretty important day in our family. In terms of togetherness and certainly in terms of sheer food intake, it's generally a bigger deal than Christmas. It's long been one of the best days of my year. And this year, for the first time, I'm missing it entirely. It is Thursday, November 27th, but it isn't actually Thanksgiving. Can't be- it's only a holiday in the States, and it isn't Thursday yet in the States.

I went in search of a turkey sandwich, thinking that I could at least make a nod in the direction of the holiday. But there is apparently no such thing as a turkey sandwich in the entirety of Wellington. I even went so far to ask a girl at a deli counter if there was a chance at some turkey for me. I think that "incredulous" would be an accurate term to describe her response. There's no cranberry sauce for me either, and there doesn't appear to be such a think as Stove Top stuffing, which I really wouldn't be able to make anyway, without a kitchen. Potatoes exist, but again, no kitchen. And really, how pathetic would that be, if I cooked up and mashed up a potato, just to get a modicum of Thanksgiving experience?

Actually, that's a rather funny thought. I can see that being a part of a short story or a movie about an American abroad. Also funny is the fact that I eventually just bought myself a bottle of cranberry juice as my stand-in for proper Thanksgiving fare and then went to a cafe that serves all-day breakfast. The eggs florentine were filling and delicious, but lacked the tryptophan. Or however you spell it. You know what I mean.

Anyway, despite lacking the proper food and (actually more sad to me) the family and friends around me, I will still be thankful as I ought. Because! I went today to meet Bob and Maggie's friend in Wellington, who is very cool and extremely kind. See, there's something I didn't take into account when coming down here and being excited about being by chance in the same city as the Return of the King premiere. Lots and lots (and lots and lots) of people are coming here specifically for that event. I was told yesterday that unless I had booked way ahead of time, it was going to be nearly impossible for me to find a place to stay over the period of the premiere festivities. Which makes total sense and which I absolutely should have seen coming. But, naturally, I did not book accommodation that far ahead. I didn't know where I would be, so that would have been pretty difficult. But Bob and Maggie's friend (hereinafter known as "Chris", as that is his name) has offered me his family's spare bedroom for the weekend. And, apparently, they occasionally rent that room out to students, so that there may be the possibility of a longer-term arrangement in that area. And! He's going to send out an email to a bunch of his colleagues (he's an important Catholic youth ministry-type-person in the country) to see if any of them is aware of or has an open position that I would be able to apply for.

Can we say "rock the hell on!"? I thought so.

Moving on. Today was going to mark the start of my mission of roaming the streets handing copies of my resume to unsuspecting shop managers, but I wimped out and decided that an American should not have to work (or look for work) on Thanksgiving. So I spent a long time on my doomed Thanksgiving food search, and am now seriously considering going to the movies. Love Actually is starting in 50 minutes just about a block away, and the theatre is calling to me.

Joannnnnnnnna . . . romantiiiiiiic coooooommmeddyyyyyyyyyyy . . . lots of people you liiiiiiiiiiiiiike . . . be laaaaaaaaazzzyyyyyyy . . . speeeeeeeennnd your monnnnnnneeeeyyyyyyy . . .

Did you hear that?

There's a Ringwraith on his fell beast down at the end of this street, on top of the theatre where the Lord of the Rings premiere is going to be. There are somewhere in the city most of the stars of the movie. Too bad I'm not a private detective/stalker, because if I was there would be some really cool photos for you guys to see. Ah well, still, what a cool place for me to be. If I'm going to miss Thanksgiving, at least it's because I'm in New Zealand.

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