Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

increasing order of importance

1. This weekend I noticed that Love Actually was showing at the movie theatre a block from where I'm staying. I thought "Great! I want to see that movie! I'll go see it some time this week!" So today, it being rainy and not having anyone to hang out with, I went over to the theatre . . . to discover that it was just an "advance screening" over the weekend, and that the film hasn't really opened here yet, or something. Boo. So I watched Intolerable Cruelty instead. Granted, I enjoyed the replacement film immensely, but I was disappointed nonetheless.

2. I saw the extended edition of The Two Towers! shaemoh graciously invited me to watch it at his place (a true sacrifice, having to watch a fantastic movie again), where I also created and ate a gourmet sandwich and imparted my wisdom regarding the best way to boil an egg. But the important bit here is Lord of the Rings. WOOHOO! Someday, that movie will be mine, and I will watch it again and again, with commentary and without, and I will have all the special features at my fingertips, mine to explore . . . I'm getting carried away. But I . . . I really really more than ever want to see Return of the King now. And where will I be seeing it? Well, that leads us to:

3. I'm going to Wellington. I've repacked all of my things (and believe me, that was a challenge), and tomorrow morning I'll be getting on a plane. And getting off again still in the morning, because it's a pretty short flight. Whoop. Then I need to start looking for a job. And a place to live, because the hostel thing is going to get old really quickly. But! Bob and Maggie rock, because they gave me a list of people that they know in this country, through their work with youth ministry, and I sent them all emails, and I'm getting return emails with offers of help and advice and support if I should need it while I'm here, and it's all very reassuring.

That's the end of the list-of-things-in-order-of-importance. Tune in again later this week, when I will probably post something sad about Thanksgiving.

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