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Missed me, missed me, now you have to kiss me!

OK, first off . . . I AM ALIVE! I am in a hostel in Wellington, waiting for my laundry to finish in the dryer and paying $6 an hour for internet access. So now you know exactly how much you folks are worth to me.


I have two days left on my month-long extravaganza of camping and hiking and biking and sleeping on a bus. Yeehaw. It's been simply fantastic. I've taken eight rolls of film so far, and I really really want to have it all developed and show it to you all right now because this country is incredible and you should all be here with me to see what I mean.

There's a counter on my right telling me exactly how much time I have left on this computer and it's stressing me out. It beeps when I need to add more money, and I think I'm typing slower than normal because I keep looking over to make sure I have enough time to finish this. I think I will.

In the past month I have soaked in natural hot pools and I have been swimming with the dusky dolphins and I have seen the Wizard of Christchurch with his funny two-fronted Volkswagon Beetle and I have been sea kayaking at the Abel Tasman park and I have camped in a wilderness campground with a view of Mount Cook across a beautiful lake and I have taken a boat trip in a fjord and I have hiked to the top of a mountain I have walked up the steepest road in the world and I have played frisbee in some of the most picturesque spots in the world and I have walked along a lakeside in the rain and I have biked along counry roads flanked with pastures of cows and sheep and sun-drenched tree-covered mountains and I have had someone give me the direction "and then turn right at the llamas" and I have seen a possum in a cage and a mountain parrot in the wild and met a great number of fantastic people from many parts of the world, all different and all very cool, and many of them knowing exactly how to tease me in the way that makes me like them more instead of the way that makes me sad.

I'm running out of time, so I had better hit the Update button. More to follow once I get back to greener internet pastures in Auckland. Miss you all, even those of you I've never met.

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