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On my way. (tomorrow)

Leaving tomorrow on my month-long camping trip. I may be crazy. But it'll be cool!

At least, it better be.

Going to shaemoh's place for dinner tonight. Yeah, food I don't buy at a takeaway stand!

Just used up all my creative thought in writing a mass email to everyone at home. Thus the boring entry here.

I only just realized that the song that ended a moment ago was a spanish version of "Stairway to Heaven", sung by a woman. Odd, that.

In a city where I only know people that I have met in the last week and a half, I keep thinking I see people that I know. Not people like Erica or Rohini or Laura, though. No, there've been one Mary Schoolcraft, one Mike James in a mesh top, three Jay Perrys, innumerable Martina-that-girl-I-used-to-fly-withs, and other people like that. And a fake Seth Green and a fake Frankie Muniz (what!?!). I wonder why my mind is doing that. It's like everytime I go outside I see someone like that.

Yeah, that's all there is. I probably won't be on the internet much in the next month, what with the whole camping thing. Don't forget about me!

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