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- Went out Friday night with an American guy I met on Tuesday and a few of his friends from work to "watch the game". The reason that the phrase is in quotes is that I have learned that "watch the game" is apparently code for "sit in a bar where a rugby game is on the television and ignore the game while drinking many rounds of drinks". So I know no more about rugby than I did before aside from the fact that I am supposed to want the All Blacks to win. And that bourbon & Coke is involved. At least, the way I've watched it. And yes, I did recline comfortably on a bench in a cemetary at 2:00 in the morning. It was just for a minute. What of it?

- Met up with shaemoh for coffee and wandering yesterday. Was quite fun. We exchanged slang terms for good and made fun of each other's countries' money. He wins the contest as the first person I've met in person after meeting him exclusively through the internet. Whee!

- Talking with a guy in the TV lounge last night, he started craving pizza, which quickly proved contagious. So we were both craving pizza to a point that we had to go find some at nearly midnight. If we wanted kebabs, this would have been a simple matter. Pizza, however, is a little more difficult. But we found a pretty cool place with seriously gourmet pizza, so that was exciting. And oh, so fulfilling.

Does this entry make it look like all I've done since I've arrived in the country is go out with guys? Hee. I've been spending most of my time by myself, but that doesn't seem to get into today's update. This way sounds a lot more interesting than "today I wandered the streets of Auckland by myself. then I ate a sandwich. then I wrote in my paper journal for awhile. then I wandered the streets some more . . . " You get the idea.

Today I think I'll try wandering in a different direction!

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