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This internet cafe is less cool because it lacks the cheesy music.

Remember that Plan? Sure you do, if you've been paying attention, I outlined it in my last entry. Well, I said it was subject to change, and it's about to. Well, not change, as such. It's just going to be postponed. The question now is whether I want to spend a hell of a lot of money, or just a lot of money.

The "Hell of a Lot of Money" option is a month-long camping, hiking, biking, bussing tour of the entire country. North and South Islands, incredible amounts of optional activities, constantly on the move.

The merely "lots of money" option would be one of a number of smaller tours, taken from the whole of the big tour. The problem with this option is that I want to do everything, so it makes it difficult to chose one portion of the experience over the rest. There's just nothing I want to omit.

Sigh. I am really seriously considering going for the huge one. I mean, I do have the money, and then I can say that I've seen the country and can settle for awhile, earn some cash, and then decide what I want to do again or where I want to explore more in depth. Besides, this would be like research for when Mom and Dad come to visit and need me to tell them what they absolutely have to do.

At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

I'll sleep on it. Decide tomorrow. If I do it, I'll be leaving next weekend. A week from tomorrow. Man, that would be cool.

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