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big nights back east with rhoda

In less than twelve hours
I will be on the plane
Headed for New Zealand

I'll be there for a year. A whole year! That part still hasn't really hit me yet.

I may just be crazy.

It's hard to update about what I've been doing when I'm so concentrated on what I'm going to do. But let's see . . .

Friday was Disneyland. We had a great time taking pictures of princesses, basking in the Nightmare Before Christmas joy (the revamped Haunted Mansion is SO SO SO COOL!), shopping, riding The Wild Ride (Erica knows the one I mean. Woohoo!), eating way to much food, and just generally being silly. I was disappointed that Space Mountain was out of commission, and that the Indiana Jones ride was never working when we tried to go (although they must have let people on when we weren't looking, because we saw them leaving the ride). But you can't have everything, and we had a good time despite the minor setbacks.

Yesterday, Saturday, we went to the beach. I was officially introduced to the Pacific Ocean, Rohini and I clung together to cross the raging torrent near the seagull convention, and we read magazines while lounging on the sand on our new not-really-beach-towels. Then we had a late lunch/early dinner at a Mexican restaraunt, where there was yummy guacamole and surprising citrus creme brulee. In the evening we went to ComedySportz, where we had our day acted out for us, based on Dani's spooky collect call from a prison inmate. (In real life, she hung up quickly. In the play, she was a pivotal part of a police raid.) It was great fun.

Today I need to do some laundry, repack my bags, and prepare to leave. And I should get started with that pretty soon.

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