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Quo Vadimus?

I'm getting a cold. It started yesterday morning or thereabouts, and it's been sorta hovering at the periferals of my awareness since then. I've been sucking on zinc drops and drinking echinacea tea (at the advice of a certain plant-studying-type guy I know) and drinking lots of orange juice. I don't like being sick normally, of course, but just now is a really inconvenient time, what with my party on Saturday and leaving on Tuesday and still needing to get prepared- mentally and physically- for that departure.

But I shall simply have to will it out of my system. Tonight we're supposed to be going out for dinner to celebrate Erica's birthday. The real day is this Saturday, but we won't be able to go out that day, because it would be pretty stupid to organize a party and not attend it. I don't know yet where we'll be eating- mainly, I think, because Erica doesn't know yet. I wonder whether we will be giving her her presents today or Saturday . . . maybe I should do some wrapping.

My mom's parents are in town. They flew in yesterday afternoon. It's always good to have them around. Hooray for grandparents!

Went out for coffee with Dave last night. We talked about jobs and I complained about being sick and we looked at pictures in a book about fractals.

It's not an Italian airline named Platypus, it's an umbrella company called Quo Vadimus. Which means "Where are we going?" Well, I don't know about we, but I am going to New Zealand. Very soon. And there's so much yet undone.

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