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macaroni and cheese. on a stick. it exists.

Today I smell good. This is because I spilled scented oil all over my hands, and had to rub it off on the rest of me, for lack of water, paper towels, or moist towelettes. It's one of the lesser-known dangers of the Maryland Renaissance Festival. So I smelled strongly of scented oil, but that is certainly preferable to smelling strongly of . . . elephants, for example, or rotting vegetables, or an old pile of dirty laundry.

Erica and I realized today, dorks that we are, that I'm moving to Newsie-Land! This means, for those of you who are familiar with the movie, that I will have to re-learn the words to "King of New York", so that I can sing it and confuse people on the opposite side of the globe. [For the select few of you who are familiar with Gnusies (tagline: "They sing, they dance, they look like yaks."), we unfortunately never got around to writing any songs for that one, so I won't be able to be quite as confusing as humanly possible. Well, not on that topic, anyway.] This may only be amusing to me. I don't know.

I'll stop now. More tomorrow perhaps, when I'm coherent.

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