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i bet i can be your hero

If I wasn't lazy, I'd be eating popcorn right now. But I'm in my bedroom, and the popcorn is downstairs, and it's not even the microwave kind, so that means that I'd actually have to pop it over the stove, and it just doesn't look like I'm getting any popcorn tonight. Not that I have any right to complain about it, as it's my own personally chosen role of bump-on-a-log that is keeping me from enjoying popcorny goodness right now.

My friends are good, especially when they make me laugh or when they reassure me because I'm worrying about foolish things. And when they invent a way for me to keep my glasses clean without my actually having to clean them. No one has taken care of that last one yet, so if anyone's looking for a way to ingratiate themselves to me, consider yourself pointed in the right direction.

Now I go eat cookies. They require no preparation, and are therefore acceptable bump-on-a-log fare.

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