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one night stand

And just as fast as she came into my life, Isabel has moved on. She felled a few trees in the neighborhood, mostly stretching across driveways and blocking cars into their garages, with the result being that I was serenaded by the sounds of chainsaws this morning as I sat in the house with the windows open.

The air today is damp and clean and smells of trees. It reminds me of walking to school- not going to class during college, but winding my way through the residential areas on my way to St. Will's. Grade school.

Just across the road from our neighborhood, houses have been without electricity since 5:00 yesterday evening. Our lights did flicker three or four times during the night, but for the most part we've kept our power. I suppose we should count ourselves lucky, with our hot showers and our coffee and our internet access. My mom and I walked down to the shopping center this morning, and the line at Starbucks was amazing. All the poor powerless caffeine addicts, queued up and desperate for their morning fix. We also encountered some sad souls who had failed to stock up on batteries, out on a fruitless quest.

Myself, I've spent most of the day bonding with the Playstation. Quality time, indeed. Now I think I'd better fold these sheets. I really ought to make it look like I've done something useful today.

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