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What bwings us togeddah today.

Jake. and Denise. are MARRIED.

This is amazing. And wonderful. The wedding was this afternoon. I got to take part in it, because they asked me to serve as Eucharistic Minister. That made me even happier, in addition to the already happy wedding-ness. I'm so excited for them both, but I can't possibly express to what extent, because at this time I am extremely tired and really ought to be sleeping soundly. But I can say that they are both wonderful people (as I know from experience, having known each of them longer than they've known each other), and I feel sure of their future happiness.

The Mass was very nice, and I had a great time at the reception afterwards, surrounded by people I love. I'd say more, but sleep is at this point more important than journal. Sorry. And good night.

Jake. and Denise. are married.

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