Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

You can tell they're not gnus because they aren't singing and dancing.

Much has been going in the week since I last updated. I had my final day of work as a receptionist, during which I actually got sad, surprising me no end. Granted, this was because all the people in the office were being sweet and sad and nice, not because I will in any way miss the work itself. They threw me a little "surprise" party, with a sandwich platter and a chocolate cake and a card with one hundred sixty-five dollars in cash inside it. Zounds. They're good folks.

Hmm. What else . . . well, friday was also a birthday party, which was fun. Good people, cute little froggy, carrot cake, long-ass game of Trivial Pursuit.

Sunday we went to the Renaissance Festival. Fun times. Bloody (comedy) times. Laura and Rohini and Erica were all hypnotised. Apparently, the letter Q is the funniest thing ever. Because Bob said so. I had to stay in the audience to watch the bags and to take pictures, so I can't be sure just how funny it was, but they sure did look amused. I bought . . . wait, I can't tell you now, because someone who ought not to know about it might read this. Forget I said anything. We selected Raven's throwing stars and saw the shards of Aragorn's sword. After the festival we all came back to the house and watched The Reduced Shakespeare Company (on DVD. We didn't have them all over as house guests.) And Laura was introduced to Angel.

Monday doctor's appointments and mall. Tuesday Ocean City. Cool and breezy, but still a good time. More driving in one day than I have ever personally done before. Wednesday was supposed to be a trip to DC with Rohini, but ended up being me relaxing at home and making a chicken and spinach lasagne. A good day, regardless of the change of plans. Today was much the same, only with a dentist appointment thrown into the mix and pork chops instead of lasagne.

And that concludes my most boring journal entry to date. Please tune in next time, when I'll try to be more interesting, and less bare bones synopsis-y.

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