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Nano you, nano me

Well, aside from the unpleasantness of the drive in, today was not a bad day at work. Uneventful. Quiet. Fine with me. It is now that the Countdown begins in earnest. Sixteen hours and . . . twenty-five minutes working time left.

Then there's a birthday party to look forward to on Friday, and the Renaissance Festival on Sunday with Erica and Rohini and Laura and possibly any number of other people, including some (gasp) without livejournals! Unreal.

Hmm. So I guess that there's no real reason for this entry aside from end-of-the-workday boredom.

Oh! I asked Laura if she and Mariah and Brian saw Wil Wheaton at the goth extravaganza at Disneyland, but she said that they didn't. I think that that's too bad. But then I thought . . . well, maybe Wil was taking pictures of the goths, and he happens to have a snapshot of my friends! And that thought made me happy, even though it's one that I'll never be able to prove. And the fact that such an idea brings me joy is, I think, further proof of the geek-ness of me. Bask in the geekdom.

And now I go home.

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