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every backup on I-95 diminishes my lifelight a little more

There is no official Things I Will Not Miss About My Job list, but if I did create such a thing, certainly one of the items near the top of the list would be The Morning Commute. I'm not a person who normally dislikes driving, but travelling major highways during rush hour is a particularly soul-killing way to begin a day. Especially when it is raining.

Yesterday morning I left the house at a time that should have allowed me to get to work punctually. (And I should know by now, you would think, having driven this way for a year and a quarter.) What with one thing and another (one thing being construction and the other being the stupidity of drivers in general), I was about five minutes late. So today, seeing that it was raining, I left ten minutes earlier. The result? I was ten minutes later arriving at work than I was yesterday.

If there is a god of commuting, he is not of the benevolent sort. He is devious and cruel, and our daily sacrifices of gasoline and sanity serve only to increase his appetite for the frustrated sobbing of the imprisoned employed masses. Fear him.

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