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one day you and i will live on the moon

Three! More! Days!

Three more days of work. Fantastic. I am thrilled, not only because I'll be done with full-time work for God knows how long, but also because Laura is in town, and I get to hang out with her in my first week of freedom!


Erica started her new job today. I rode with her yesterday as she was driving there to make sure that she would be able to get to work for her first day without getting lost. She found it just fine, and I learned, to my surprise, that her new workplace is two turns and possibly four minutes from my own place of employment. This is quite a coincidence, but we won't really get to take advantage of it, as I'm finishing up just as she's starting out. Alas.

I just got a really nice email from Denise, which reminded me how happy and excited I am about the wedding next week. Eep!

I'd better go to bed now. The last few days of work should not feature a slovenly and sleepy Joanna.

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