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Man, there was a time when The X-Files was really truly awesome. It's good to be reminded of that from time to time.

So this weekend thus far has been chock full of activity. We all woke up early yesterday and spent the morning scrubbing the deck. That's right, scrubbing. The deck. That's real physical labor. By the time lunchtime rolled around, we were all four of us hot and sweaty and covered with splatters of deck muck and wet from the hose. But the deck really looks much better now- it's actual wood color, rather than the grey that one most often sees on those broken-down old barns by the side of rural roads. Ran some errands after lunch (one large pizza of "the one with all the meat on" and one large of "the one with all the vegetables".) At some point in the afternoon I took a nap, after which I got myself ready to go to Denise's bachelorette party.

The party was fun. There were only five of us, so it was informal and relaxed. We hung around the house for awhile, making the acquaintance of a couple of pitchers of margaritas, and then went into Annapolis, down by the water. We went into two bars, and the main activity was trying to get guys to buy Denise drinks. It really worked quite well. One of the oddest parts of the night was that Jake was the one to drive us downtown and pick us up when the bars closed. He's a good guy. But we all knew that already. If he wasn't, Denise wouldn't be marrying him. And I wouldn't be friends with him. So Denise might not have ever met him . . .

Anyway, I think that on the whole it was a successful event. And they managed to keep the whole thing a secret from Denise all the way up to twenty minutes before the party started! This is especially impressive when one considers that she knew about one "surprise" shower six months in advance and another six weeks ahead of time.

I got home late and into bed later, and slept until lunchtime. The parents and Erica were up and around and scrubbing the deck again long before I was conscious, but they stopped soon after I got up, so I managed to avoid that particular activity today. I did go out shopping for awhile this afternoon, and I bought several things, most of which I can't tell you about right now, as they are not for me. I did, however, buy myself a present, in the form of Steve Burns' CD, Songs for Dustmites. Perhaps I am a geek- I don't deny it. But it's such a fun thing to have! And you're probably jealous. I know it.

Tomorrow is Labor Day, which means no work, and then . . . I only have four days left at my job! That's 32 hours!

Not that I'm counting. Or at all excited.


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