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Would it be OK with you if we write a reminder of things we'd forget to do today otherwise using a big magic marker if it's all right on the back of your head?

Some other things I have (that didn't fit into the theme of the previous list):

- a red leather purse with a light inside that turns on when i open the bag

- a sister who starts her new job next week

- four new pairs of socks and a top with a beaded flower on the front

- a birthday in two days!

Booyah. You wish you were me.

In unrelated news, Tina at work today showed me a present that she is going to give to one of her best friends as a wedding gift. Tina's friend had written a poem for her, and Tina had had another girl at work hand-stitch the poem onto a wall hanging. It was beautifully done, and had obviously taken a great deal of effort. Tina plans to have the hanging framed before giving it to her friend. The thing is, I noticed that in the second line of the poem, the word "it's" was used where it should have been merely "its". Misplaced apostrophe, you see. But I didn't point it out, because three people had been involved in the creation of this gift, and I don't know where the error began. Clearly neither Tina nor the girl who stitched it noticed that it was wrong. And if that's the way that the poem was given to Tina, then that means that the writer of the poem didn't realize that it was wrong. And Tina was so very pleased with the whole thing, that I couldn't bring myself to say "Oh, how nice! . . . but . . . "

And yet it's still bugging me.

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