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You know, I really ought to think about cleaning up my room. It's getting to be quite a dump.

. . .

Okay, I thought about it. Not very productive, really.

So this is the third weekend in a row that I've taken the Metro into DC. This is rather impressive for me, as I often go months without heading in that direction. This weekend, Friday night to be exact, it was Sarah and Rohini and Sarah's friend Bobby and I who were riding the rails. A good time was had. We got to bowl at the ESPNZone. Oh, and I lost horribly at a couple of racing games. It was cool.

1:07 pm.

Well, forget that entry. No more good mood. People suck. If anyone can explain to me why someone would do something destructive and cruel to someone they've never even met . . .

No. I know you can't.

Someone has thrown a rock the size of my head through the back windshield of my car. While it was parked in front of my house. There's glass everywhere.

God. Sometimes I hate people.

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