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thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men.

I've had an unexceptional day. Quiet sort of Sunday, with some errands thrown in for spice. Erica and I did go to Borders for awhile. While we were in there the sky suddenly opened up and let out in ten minutes all of the rain that had been threatening to fall during most of the day. It was pretty cool. Also, I was glad that it trapped us inside a bookstore as opposed to, say, a grocery store, where I would have been far less able to keep myself happily occupied.

Work tomorrow promises to be . . . much the same as usual, but with more of a boring meeting aspect. I'm learning a new task- I'm going to be working with a 40-odd-page Excel spreadsheet that has to be altered almost continuously, including monday mornings at a weekly meeting. Which I get to attend tomorrow. Lucky me. Can you feel the enthusiasm waves emanating from me?

No. No you can't.

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